When injustice wins

The recent tragedies we have been witnessing from Haiti, to Afghanistan, to the rise in COVID (Again), it can feel as though death, disease, disasters and injustice is winning. Honestly it can feel overwhelming and that this world is going to hell.

Times like this we don’t have many words to pray. We feel helpless to be able to make much of a difference for those people who are suffering.

But when it seems as though injustice is winning I’m reminded of a few things:

1. Jesus is still present, even when it seems as though injustice is having its way. He revealed to us that he is with us when he came 2000 years ago and lived his life among those who were suffering injustice. He was those people then and He is with us now, He has not left.

2. It’s ok to lament. There are times when the world seems to be falling a part to cry out to God, “How long oh Lord, How long!” and “Come Lord Jesus come.” God is big enough to handle all of our lament, questions and doubt.

3. Jesus will heal it all. There is so much hurt, pain and disappointment when injustice seems to be winning. But take hope, in the end of all things, JESUS WILL HEAL IT ALL and injustice will be defeated!!

But today can be hard to hold onto Hope, so it’s ok to lament and ask God, “How long must we sing this song of lament, How long?”


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