How Long – A Lament

Evil has no point, no purpose other than to steal, kill, and destroy. Evil does not take into account, age, gender, race, country, religion, non-religion, or time. It doesn’t stop, it just keeps coming. But, how long oh Lord must we wait?

How Long?

Millions of people are still enslaved, forced to work long hours, sell their bodies to the next buyer (women and men), beaten if they refuse and kicked to the gutter when they are no longer useful.

How Long?

Families and children continue to flee for their lives from countries they used to call home, seeking refuge in foreign lands, risking their lives and their children’s lives.

How Long?

Cancer and diseases are stealing and killing people’s lives regardless of age, gender, or race.

How Long?

Students overwhelmed by life, stress, pressures, broken relationships looking for relief in cutting, alcohol, drug abuse, and suicide.

How Long?

Student’s lives taken too young due to drug overdoses.

How Long?

Students and children continue to be gunned down in school, on the streets, and in their homes.

How Long?

How long oh Lord will you wait?

“How long will you hide Your face from us?”


the Lord is good and His faithfulness, loyalty, love, and kindness, to ALL of His creation endures forever! He is not far from the broken-hearted, a bruised reed He will not crush. God’s relentless love overcomes evil.


I will sing a new song.

I will sing a different song.

A song of Hope

A song of Love

A song of Joy

A song of Peace

A song of justice

A song of Unity

A song that evil will not win.

A song that evil is not part of God’s plan.

A song of Salvation that only God can provide!

“Behold I am making everything new” – Jesus



Author note: This note was inspired by U2’s Yahweh and 40 songs as well as the Psalm.


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