A Big Dream, A Big Risk, and 10 Years Later

Eleven years ago we began to dream about what could be. We began to ask “what if” questions. 

-“What if we were to facilitate service trips to Mexico as our full-time job?” 

-“What if we made a safe place for students to feel loved and accepted for who they are?” 

-“What would happen if students stepped out of the Bay-area bubble, stretched themselves, invested their life into bigger things for others?” 

-“What if we could build long-term relationships with a community in Mexico over a long period of time?” 

-“What if we could also make a pivotal difference in the lives of the people in Mexico?”

Honestly, we had no idea where we would end up in 10 years, but in October 2009 all we knew was we needed to take a leap of faith, a big risk, and begin what we all know now as Be2Live. 

With two toddlers, very little money in the bank and no experience on how to run a business, let alone a non-profit, we jumped. 

All we had was a God-given dream to make a difference in the world and a passion for high school students and their families to have a life-giving experience in the midst of their overstressed lives. An experience that could change student’s lives for the better as well as a desire to improve the lives of the most vulnerable in Mexico. 

Over the last 10 years, those brightly colored bunkhouses, wooden picnic tables, and hike to the cross overlooking the little valley of La Mision has been space for us to journey with thousands of amazing students, parents, adults, and Mexican leaders. 

  • We have celebrated new skills learned
  •  We have shared the burdens that so many students and families feel they must carry alone…
  •  We have shed tears with the brokenhearted who are seeking freedom from guilt, shame, and the lies they have believed…
  •  We have rejoiced with those willing to lead in courageous ways and with new habits. 
  •  We have helped build, train and witnessed organizations and ministries grow to care for the people in their community – breaking cycles of poverty due to lack of basics like education and health care, 
  • and we have been able to champion indigenous leaders to find their voices and become equipped to change their own communities.

In 2013 we expanded our reach to Ghana, West Africa partnering with a ministry that provides aftercare for children rescued from slavery. We are using the same model of partnering with effective organizations, strengthening their work, placing a high value on education, identifying and equipping indigenous leadership and each trip taking, those service hours and dollars spent to change the communities we serve.

NONE OF THIS HAPPENS UNLESS YOU have sent a son or daughter, participated yourself, or have given time and money to Be2Live, the high school students, and the ministries on the ground. 

This year alone 18,500 volunteer hours and over $53,000 invested into projects and organizations in Mexico and Ghana.

The Be2live Gap Semester, middle school service trips to San Diego in partnership with Hamilton Middle School in Novato, the launch of Phil’s first book, the groundbreaking for a new bi-lingual school for children with learning disabilities in Baja, adding 3 new Be2live staff, wow, the last 12 months have been busy!

It has been an amazing ride these last 10 years and somewhere down the line, you were a part of it.  We want to say” THANK YOU!” Thank you for helping us reach 10! Each home that was built is still standing, Mount Diablo is still kicking our butt with each build there, kids are thriving at the daycare, the orphanages, the medical clinic. Well done!  Together your investments have lasted. 

We now live in La Mision and get to see the work you did, run into the families who are living in those homes, watch the little kids you played with grow, finish high school, go to university, get married, have families of their own. You helped impact a life, a community, and we hope that Be2Live has positively impacted your life long-term in some way, whether you were a student who participated, a parent, or an adult leader. We hope that you experienced the love of God, the impact of service, perspective and meaning for life and that you or your student has been impacted in positive ways.

On August 24th we are celebrating our 10 year anniversary and you are invited to join us! It will be a night of reminiscing, visioning, and celebrating! If we haven’t seen you in a while, we would love to see you at this event. The details are below.

We want to ask you to do one thing for us if you could. Would you be so kind as to take your phone and video a quick 1-2 minute video on how Be2Live has impacted your life? Then email it or text it to us. 

Lastly, if you are unable to attend the Be2live celebration, but would like to donate the cost of a ticket to Be2Live, you can do that here Donate to Be2Live Thanks so much for making a lasting impact together! 


Be2Live 10-Year Celebration and Fundraiser
Date and Time: August 24th 6-8pm
Location: Marin Covenant Church 195 N. Redwood Dr. San Rafael, CA
Cater: Deb Keith Catering with Sol Food
Tickets: Be2Live 10-Year Tickets


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