Bubbled Wrapped Christianity

Many of us pursue a life of safety and comfort. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with basic safety measures like wearing a seat belt, locking your doors, not jumping off of tall buildings. We need basic safety measures in our lives. But what about the life God has called us all to live. The … Continue reading Bubbled Wrapped Christianity


Stop Waiting For God’s Call

They were in the boat struggling to cross the lake. The wind and the waves were against them as they tried crossing. They were obeying what Jesus called them to do, go to the other side. They had just witnessed the miracle of the feeding of the 5,000 (actually 10,000 or so). Jesus had gone … Continue reading Stop Waiting For God’s Call

Looking In Unlikely Places for the Voice of God

One thing has become very clear to me. We are in need of saving. We need saving from our selfishness, apathy, extreme individualism and our narrow understanding of faith and the Gospel. We can download the latest podcast from our favorite preacher or teacher. We can buy a book that will reveal deeper insight into … Continue reading Looking In Unlikely Places for the Voice of God

Overcoming Power Differences Through Relationships

At the root of so many of the issues and complexities of short-term missions is the inescapable power difference between visiting groups and the communities they work within. But acknowledging the difference and investing in reciprocal relationships can do a lot to diffuse the damage the power difference could cause. Whether we like it or … Continue reading Overcoming Power Differences Through Relationships